DeDragon NFT Mystery Box Sale Announcement

3 min readMar 16, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of our NFT box sale on our official site at 12 PM UTC, 18 March 2022. And DeDragon will be officially launched at 09:00 AM UTC, 21 March 2022.

It’s been several months since we launched our first beta version, and thousands of players participated in our three rounds of testing with plenty of suggestions/feedback reports to help us improve our game. Thank you all! To give back to all you lovely players, we will provide a special channel for you whitelisted players to purchase boxes directly. You can check the whitelist here:

A total of 25,000 NFTs (including sales, giveaways, rewards in all kinds of activities, etc.) will be distributed to users and the sale will last for 5 days with a limited supply every day.


  1. The sale of blind boxes will take the form of a subscription lottery draw based on the subscription number every 24 hours. There are a total of 5 rounds from March 18 to March 23. And the whitelisted users can purchase directly via “Whitelist Channel”.
  2. Users can subscribe at any time and each subscription costs $50 USDC on Avalanche, which is the price of 1 mystery box.
  3. Each user can subscribe up to three times per round and get a subscription number each time.
  4. If the user wins the lottery, he can open the mystery box in “My Account”; if the user does not win the lottery in a certain round, the $USDC for the subscriptions which are not drawn will be refunded after the round.


  1. Visit or visit the official site and click “Launchpad” — “Mystery Box”.
  2. Connect your wallet and switch to Avalanche C-Chain.

3.Subscribe (whitelisted users can purchase directly via Whitelist Channel)

Enter the quantity you want to subscribe to.

4. Confirm in your wallet and you can see your subscriptions here.

5.Wait for the countdown of the lottery draw. If you win the lottery, you can open the mystery box in “My Account”; otherwise, the $USDC for the subscriptions will be refunded later.

About DeDragon

DeDragon follows the motto of “Play to Earn”, and combines the advantages of DeFi2.0 to

create a new economic model to reward players for their contributions to the game ecosystem. Players can earn revenue by breeding and staking Legendary Dragon NFTs, participating in PVP battles, etc.

Living on the beautiful dragon island, you may find hundreds of legendary dragons composed of different elements and species. You can explore the world as you wish: Interactive with your dragons to understand their personalities through daily activities and battles, conquer the gold mines, liberate Dragon Island from the Vikings, engage in 3V3 battles, and complete campaign missions with your friends for maximum rewards and fun.










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