Announcement: Notice of the Second Internal Beta

3 min readJan 14, 2022

Time: noon UTC 17th Jan – noon UTC 31th Jan

Rules: Join discord before 8 pm UTC 17th Jan and reach active level 2; you will be eligible for the second test (only 500 places)

There are only 4000 total test accounts in total;

Reward: You will receive 50 ruby rewards for qualifying for the second test

How to get more ruby?

1. Finding more valid bugs in the game will get a 200ruby reward;

2. Participate in the game to get points ranking!

3. Invite users to participate in the game through the game invitation code and will receive 5% of the ruby rewards of the invited users! (up to three users per person)

1.Defining valid bugs

the valid bug means users in internal testing time should find a bug;

The team adopts bugs or suggestions that exist and;

There is a difference in finding bugs or giving suggestions, and there is no repeated reward.

2 .How to get points

1)Your account is active;

2.)ranking rewards;

3)Invite users through invitation codes;

4)How many sCST is getting by the invited user;

5)How many sCST is getting by the invited user.

1)Account active:

During the activity, for every Ruby getting by the user through the game habitat, the active score will be + 10;

During the activity, for each additional sCST getting by the user through the staking sCST, the active points of the invitee + 100;

2)Directly according to the ranking of the game battle ranking list;

3)During the testing event, the habitat of the invited user starting to operate is regarded as practical innovation;

During the testing event, when the cumulative number of ruby users from the game reaches 50ruby, it will be regarded as a effective invitation;

4)During the testing event, after the invited users get 50 Ruby through the game, , the active points of the invitee will be + 2 for each ruby;

During the testing event, for each additional SCST getting by the invited user through staking CST, the active points of the invitee will be + 200;

3. Ways to get tokens during the testing event


The second test account is fixed to receive;

habitat output;

2) CST:

Ruby exchange;

Mystery box subscription;

3)Ranking rewards

Ranking in the ranking list at the end of the test

The first place will receive 5000 Ruby awards;

The second place will receive 3000 Ruby awards;

The third place will receive 2000 Ruby awards;

Fourth place — the tenth place will get 1000ruby reward;

The 11th-20th place will receive 500ruby reward;

The 21st-50th place will receive 300ruby reward;

51–70th place will receive 200ruby reward

71–100th place will receive 100ruby reward.

101–500th place will receive 50ruby reward


The top 1000 in the ranking can get the allowlist of purchasing three mystery boxes;

1001–1500 in the ranking list can get the allowlist of purchasing two mystery boxes

1501–2000 in the ranking can get an allowlist of buying a mystery box.

As shown in the figure:




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